One bar on Spotify!

Big week for One of Those Guys!

I attended the protest for Women for Justice in Sydney with four friends. Our kids all went to the same public primary school and when one of us said she was going, we all went too. I hadn’t been on a train for a year and how joyful was it to be in a carriage full of women in black all ready to say, enough is enough.

I released One of Those Guys on Spotify and it’s finding an audience. I even got my first bar on Spotify which is very exciting.

I tweeted part of the song to ex Federal parliamentary member Tony Windsor and it got over 2000 views and I’ve had nearly 500 views of the lyric video.

Thanks for all your support. It’s been a big week for all of us around Australia. Family would appreciate some food in the house…so am back on the tools cooking….

If you love the song, download it from Spotify and add it to your playlist.…

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