How is everyone travelling?

Nowhere? Everywhere? Round and round in a sea of indecision or despair?

What a strange period of time it has been. A big fat, uncomfortable, joyous reset button. For some, it has been such a busy, stressful period of being in the thick of the virus and all the associated collective anxiety. For others it has been a time to be knee deep in the horror of adolescence or primary schoolers in a confined space. For some it has been a chance to rediscover the joy of creative activities such as reading, cooking or gardening.

All I’ve got is never, has the fundamental paradox of life been clearer. There is joy but there is distance. We miss the life we had but there have been new discoveries of things, standing silently at home.

Rain. The changing colours of the leaves. Kookaburras laughing. They are the only things that don’t change. Nature sustains us. Always.

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