New song is coming next week!

Some great things can come out of COVID. 

Throughout lockdown, and the strange way of life we’ve had over the past year, I’ve been writing and recording songs over Zoom with a fantastic music producer, Keefe West. 

I’m in Sydney and he is on the North Coast. It’s been incredible what can be achieved online, working with someone who is so technologically capable, creative and skilled. 

I’ve just had to buy a few things and show up with lyrics and courage. 

And BOOM – we made something of the time. 

This song is about this time – about women saying enough – we’ve had enough – we’ve always had enough – and now, inspired by the brave young women who’ve come forward, we are saying, loudly – let’s spell it out for you – consent in an ongoing conversation between equals – thanks. Keep asking.

Songwriting is such a truth telling process. Bloody annoying though, if you like to think you keep your thoughts to yourself..

Please resave this link so you can be one of the first to hear the song in full and add it to your playlist.

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