I’ve always loved singing, listening, writing and telling a good yarn. Since I was young, I’ve scribbled, written bad poetry, some okay lyrics and a gazillion stories for people of all ages. I’ve sang at Fort Dennison on Sydney Harbour at sunset and in pubs around inner city Sydney in the 1990s. After Nelson Mandela was released from prison and came to Sydney, I couldn’t help myself, I burst into song as he went down the lift at the Hilton Hotel and then told him that I loved him. (My poor children). After working as an Education Officer, I worked as a web producer for The Australian Financial Review and wrote features for The Sun Herald. I have freelanced as a writer for over twenty five years and all that time, I have been sitting at my desk writing, writing, writing.

I’ve had a few non-fiction books published and been on breakfast TV talking about marriage and civil ceremonies. With a dear friend, we set up a small publishing company – Literary Giants – and we recently published a few books to help young people with writing. I speak at conferences on writing and do presentations to help all people to write more effectively. I produce a lot of materials which I distribute for free because I want to share the secrets of writing with everyone. We have had some good articles published in the last few months: https://www.realestatehottopics.com.au/the-art-of-persuasive-writing/ and had our first article appear in the journal of the English Teachers Association of NSW https://www.englishteacher.com.au/resources/categories?id=82

And now I have finally finished a work of fiction! We had a fabulous launch for the novel in Sydney, with lots of dear friends, champers and arrancinni balls – everyone was eager to send off a beloved book out into the big wide world. We also had a fab launch in Melbourne too. And the good news is, readers are loving it!

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me: mjnewman@bigpond.com or DM on socials.